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    I am very new to it and learning

    vikas bhandari Newbie

      Here What I have done so far :
      I downloaded JDK1.5 from Sun.Java.com , and I downloaded JBoss from
      JBoss.org. I have downloaded the Following version :


      I installed JBoss, and tried to run the Batch files in the Bin Folder. Well the first strange thing we don't have Deploy.jar files in that.. Not sure why??? I tried to run the Twiddle batch file. First It said to set Java_home, I set the Java_home as "set java_home=c:/jdk1.5" which is a vaid folder. Now I am getting error "Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: \bin\java"..

      One more thing is confusing me, that after creating the Class files, dont we have any GUI/deploytool to deploy the jar files like we do have ion Weblogic?? I dont know much about it....

      Waiting for the answer and curious for your Help :)
      Vikas Bhandari