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    EAR Deployment--BeanShellSubDeployer issue

    Brad Guthrie Newbie

      We are new to JBOSS and are developing to the 3.2.5 release.

      We have an EAR deployment that contains EJB's as well as a self-contained older version of BSH with custom scripts for use solely within our application. The BeanShellSubDeployer is "deploying" the scripts contained in the JAR-within-an-EAR which is undesired behavior for us.

      We saw prior posts on this issue with the response being to comment out the BeanShellSubDeployer from the jboss-service.xml. We have tried this approach and it does not work for us. When the EAR is deployed, JBOSS is still trying to "deploy" the scripts contained in the JAR-within-an-EAR but since the BeanShellSubDeployer is commented out it doesn't know how to handle them and gives a "waiting for deployer" error and the EAR deployment fails.

      With the BeanShellSubDeployer on the EAR does deploy and work; we just have the undesired result of our application-only scripts being "deployed" as services which is undesirable for us.

      Are we misunderstanding what jboss/beanshellsubdeployer is doing or is this a legitimate issue for which there is a solution?