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    Rich: Effect  - Hidden form Before PageLoad

    Eric Chua Newbie

      I was trying to use the Effect feature. I was able to create a login form in javascript and css that is hidden and then I just adjust the attribute of visibility. I am using rich faces but I can't set this in the CSS table because if I do, it seems to disable the rich:effect commands so that I can make it visible ?? If I make the form hidden using rich:effect onload for the window, the user sees a flash of the form when they load the page which is annoying. Any way to set the div form hidden before the page loads where it won't effect rich:effect later to make it visible?


      <rich:effect name="hideLoginDiv" for="loginDiv" type="Fade" />
      <rich:effect name="showLoginDiv" for="loginDiv" type="Appear" />

      <rich:effect name="hideRegisterDiv" for="registerDiv" type="Fade" />
      <rich:effect name="showRegisterDiv" for="registerDiv" type="Appear" />

      <rich:effect for="window" event="onload" type="Fade" params="targetId:'loginDiv',duration:0,from:0,to:0"/>
      <rich:effect for="window" event="onload" type="Fade" params="targetId:'registerDiv',duration:0,from:0,to:0"/>