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    Digester Upgrade?

    Jason Vinson Newbie

      I'm deploying a Webapp in an EAR that requires commons-digester 1.6 (for pushParams), and I get an IllegalAccessException when I run my application.

      Since this is a webapp, i looked in the jbossweb-tomcat50.sar and there i saw a commons-digester.jar file. After extracting this and looking in the MANIFEST.MF, i saw that it was indeed version 1.5. So my question is this:

      Is the best place to put the new digester jar in the place of the current tomcat digester jar or in server//lib ? I'm thinking that latter, but i wanted to check with the jboss pros first.


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          Scott Stark Master

          In general you cannot override classes that are part of the implementation of the web container unless they were designed for this such as a jaxp based xml parser. If you find that you cannot scope classes from the associated service, then your only option is to upgrade the classes from that service to see if its compatible with the newer version.

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            Jason Vinson Newbie

            I actually dropped the digester jar into my server's lib directory and everything seems fine. Are there some issues I should look out for while doing this?

            AFAIK, the digester is backwards compatable so I would hope it wouldn't matter too much.