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    effect in a table/subtable

    Heiko Dähn Newbie

      Hello together,

      I read the examples to rich:effect.
      These are all narrowly on rich:panel.
      Is it possible < rich:effect >, to apply to a dataTable?

      I have such a dataTable, a rowclick event is applied to these. Then, a subtable appears. With again-y clicks this vanishes again.
      Unfortunately, the subtable only simply jumps up, although I one < rich:effect > installed.

      <rich:dataTable id="myTable".... >
      [my cols...]
       <rich:subTable id="mysubtable"
       rendered="my condition..">
       <a4j:support event="onRowClick" reRender="myTable" ajaxSingle="true" actionListener="#{controller.processClick}" />
       <rich:effect event="onRowClick" for="subtable" type="BlindDown"
       params="duration:0.8" />

      Can anybody help me here?