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    Suggestions on content for a J2EE Tutorial

    Vishal Sharma Expert

      I have been threatening myself for quite a while to publish a J2EE tuorial based on full development life cycle after i published "Tutorial for building J2EE Applications using JBOSS and ECLIPSE" as a co-author in 2003 which has been a huge success, with people across the globe accessed it and got the desired result, which it was intended for and is still being used very heavily, even though the tools used are getting bit out of date now. Try googling with keyword "j2ee" and "tutorial".

      Now, I have decided to make this happen -:) and intend to write this with the help of volunteers if any wants to join me to write a full J2EE development tutorial starting from setting up the development environment to the realese of a product using open source tools like Eclipse, JBoss, Xdoclet, CVS, Junit, WTP (Eclipse- plugin), Lomboz, JBoss-IDE on a Linux platform. I intend to distribute this tutorial under The GNU General Public License (GPL)

      Now, I'm looking for people to give me feedback on what they want to see as a content on this tutorial, keeping the things in spirit of open source. Please do provide your feedback, that will help in formulating the content. Intended audience is from Beginner's on J2EE to Senior level.

      For more on this please go to my blog where all the details are available.