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    Remote Debugging using Jbuilder X and Jboss 3.2.x

    Thomas Greene Newbie

      I want to do remote debugging using Jbuilder X and Jboss 3.2.x
      The Jboss server is installed on a Linux Machine (Red Hat 9) and Jbuilder is on a Windows 2000 machine.
      To do remote debugging I need to start the Jboss server on the linux machine in debug mode, for which I need to make some changes in run.sh file.
      I have consulted this document

      but the lines it suggests to change in UNIX are not there in my Linux run.sh file. There is no seperate information about Linux.

      Also i have consulted

      But it doesn't say anything about the remote machine being a Linux machine.
      Can some please tell me what changes do i need to make in run.sh so that remote debugging is possible