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    Struts with JBOSS Looking for a Tutorial.

    Roland Brown Newbie

      I am working through a book called "The Struts Framework" by Sue Spielman.

      She has an example project created for managing cds. When I drop the war file into the deploy folder and start JBOSS I get the following error message.

      invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping

      I know what the problem is. I don't know how to fix it. Both JBOSS and the cd manager war file are configured to use log4j and cause a conflict.

      I think I need to turn it off either in jboss or in the war file. I have tried several things. None of them work. I tried removing the log4j.xml file in the conf folder in jboss. JBOSS threw errors when coming up after trying that. I also tried commenting out the log4j serverlet in the web.xml file of the war file. That didn't work.

      I either need to figure out how to fix it or find a tutorial that shows how to create a war file that will be deployed in JBOSS.

      Any suggestions would be appreciatted.