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    caching and external update of database

    chris harris Newbie

      GOAL: I want to use caching in JBoss to avoid trips to the database everytime...but the database is updated by an external java process externally every 20 mins

      Does it make sense and Is it possible to..

      1. Wirte a read only entity bean say X, set up with commit option A (to use the caching)

      2. Make a transaction in the external java process that

      (i) updates externally the table with entity bean X
      (ii) and remotely flushes the cache for A
      i.e uses MBeanServer.invoke(new ObjectName("jboss.j2ee:jndiName=X,plugin=cache,service=EJB"), "flush", null, null);

      Will this be synched correctly with transactions in JBoss involving entity bean X?

      Any suggestions appreciated!!