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    Deployment issue: Need replacement for URLDeploymentScanner

    Andy Malakov Newbie


      I have the following problem deploying our application (EAR) into JBoss.

      Our application is installed on target system as a directory that follows standard EAR structure. There are few exceptions that make it impossible using out-of-the box URLDeploymentScanner:

      1. EAR directory doesn?t have .EAR extension.
      2. Individual web applications are directories that do not have .WAR extension.
      3. EJB modules are directories that do not have .JAR extension.

      If I add these extensions to mentioned directories (and update META-INF/application.xml), everything works fine. Here I should also mention that we do not need hot deployment feature that URLDeploymentScanner provides.

      My question is the following. I think we need to develop our own deployment MBean, similar to URLDeploymentScanner, which will deploy enterprise applications statically listed in some config file (may be inside jboss-service.xml). I was wondering if anybody had similar problem, or know of similar existing solutions?

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