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    not using deployed .class files

    Wendy Baur Newbie


      I am using struts so, I deploy a .jar and .war file. the .war file has all my .class files in it. when I view my app throught the browser the .jsp classes look fine but the .class actions are old. Any ideas where I should start looking????

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Are you doing a hot deploy (JBoss still running) or are you shutting down JBoss, deploying, and then bringing JBoss up again? With Struts, I always do the later.

          If restarting JBoss does not get you your updated action classes, also try removing the files under ./server/default/work/jboss.web/localhost/your-app-name and ./sevrer/default/tmp/deploy/XXX, where 'default' is the configuration you deployed to, if not default, and XXX is a generated name such as tmp12345your-app-name-exp.war, and of course, your-app-name is the name of your war file (or directory).

          In my ant script, I have a clean.web target that removes the ./server/default/tmp and ./server/default/work directories, but that is not advisable for production.

          Hope this helps.