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    why Jboss cannot resolve the helper class in WEB-INF/classes

    Bruce Newbie

      I write a simple JSP page and a helper class named test.class.
      The helper class was located in WEB-INF/classes folder of my WAR.
      In the jsp page , I import the helper class, I want to create an object of test class.
      The WAR deployed successfully,But when I call the jsp page, I was told:
      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP
      Generated servlet error:
      The import test cannot be resolved
      ths JSP page:
      <%@ page import="test" %>


      <%="this is jsp page"%>
      test t=new test();

      the test.java souce code:
      public class test{
      public String fun1(){
      return "hello,this is from test1";

      what's the problem?why jboss cannot resolve my helper class named test which has already located in WEB-INF/classes? In sun application server, it is no problem?please help me, thanks in advance.