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    [ContextConfig] Missing application web.xml, using defaults

    Allistair Crossley Newbie


      I have embarked upon installing JBoss 4 to run our intranet application which has been happily running under TC 5 for a year.

      I have managed to get as far as configuring our SQL Server datasources and mail session for JNDI.

      I have now copied the application iq.war into the deploy folder of the default server configuration but when I do so I get this output indicating that it could not find the web.xml file.

      The war's internal structure contains WEB-INF/web.xml at the top level so I am not sure what the issue is - probably a newb issue.

      15:46:08,526 INFO [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/iq, warUrl=file:/D:/jboss-4
      15:46:08,745 INFO [ContextConfig] Missing application web.xml, using defaults o
      nly StandardEngine[jboss.web].StandardHost[localhost].StandardContext[/iq]

      If anyone has any suggestion how to get me past this issue, it would be appreciated.

      Cheers, Allistair.