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    JBoss AS 4.0 + Unable to load tag handler class + org.apache

    Richard Gbehode KOUDRY Newbie

      Dear colleagues,

      I am currently developing simple tags using JBoss 4.0. I have written a simple tag handler class that extends a SimpleTagSupport.

      I have created a *.tld file for this tag handler and stored this under the WEB-INF folder for simplicity.

      I then created a JSP page to use the tag making sure that the uri property is set to reflect what is entered in the tld file. Programmatically, the code works fine because I have tested this on Tomcat 5.5.7.

      When I deploy the application on JBoss AS 4.0, it does not complain. But when I call the JSP page containing the tag, I get the org.apache.jasper.JasperException + Unable to load tag handler class error.

      I suspect there must be something wrong with my development environment or with JBoss.

      Please help, if you can.

      Many thanks in advance.