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    Moving over to JBoss.  Should I?

    John Eichelsdorfer Newbie

      Currently I have a Tomcat 5.5.9, Struts, OJB, Velocity MVC framework working in a production environment.

      Some enhancements have lead me to realizing I will soon be needing JMS, clustered cache, etc. First I happened over to Opensymphony where they have several tools I can use.

      The thing I like about the JBoss implementation is the integration of it all in a cohesive purpose.

      The thing I am not very familiar of is whether or not I must use all of the EJB principles to use JBossAS. If i move my Tomcat Application over to this and then convert my 30-40 tables to using Hibernate, should this all work clustered? Will there be intense overhead of also having EJB aspects I don't yet need? There is a strong chance that I would need more of those aspects later on, but as of yet they are not neded. Will I have to use them anyway?

      I know these are simple questions, but appreciate the help.