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    Accessing the file system

    Eric Freed Newbie

      I know how to access files stored in my .sar file, but I need to read ( and delete) external files, and a directory. Specifically, I have a reg ex to match against the files in the directory, but I can't find a way to list the files in the directly.

      File f = new File("path");
      String[] listOfFiles = f.list();

      does not to work.

      I have tried various URI/URL ways with no success.

      What is the solution?

      Many thanks,

      Eric Freed

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          Eric Freed Newbie

          Arg, never mind. My regex was causing an exception to be thrown before the file was even opened up, and I was silently dropping to caught exception. So I thought I could not open the directory, and was thinking EJB (which can't access the file system through regular io)