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    4.0.2 directory structure recommendation

    John Eichelsdorfer Newbie

      I just started learning JBoss (with 4.0.2) this last day or two and I am muddled in all the documents. My biggest problem is understanding how a complex deployment should look.

      I have a highly trafficed system currently in production using Tomcat 5.5.9, Struts, Velocity, OJB, MySql and some other items. I am looking to convert to using JBoss 4.0.2's Tomcat, Hibernate, JBoss JMS, JBoss Cache, and JGroups. I am hoping to do this for easy clustered growth over time.

      I am lost in trying to understand how I need to reorganize my code tree structure to make all this work. I am not currently using EJB Mbean aspects and am not going to use them right away.

      If I can get help with one thing it would be to understand how I might lay out this messy directory structure so it can all be compiled into the correct *.ear, *.har, *.war files. In what I have now for Tomcat 5.5.9 I just deploy in straight bursted form with my many OJB configuration files all under WEB-INF/classes directory.

      I think understanding this will go a long way in helping me understand how to get from here to there. In the meantime i am continuing to read the documentation. If you have an example you can part with please send it to me or pass me a link to one.

      Thanks so much. I really think JBoss is on the right track.