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    Where to find resources?

    John Eichelsdorfer Newbie

      I am noticing lots of questions going unanswered here.

      I am trying to find out where I can learn more. I need much more then a simple disjoint hello world application. I need a complex example that has EJB, hibernate, Tomcat all wrapped up in one package so I can learn from an entire recommended build structure.

      I am wondering if this can be found in the JBoss 4.* book. My concern is that the 4.0.2 release is so new that the book may not have an example of both Tomcat and Hibernate integration. I looked under book information but didn't see that Hibernate/Tomcat as configured in 4.0.2 is covered

      Are there any good links to where I can find more comprehensive information or a complex example? I want to post to the hibernate board but they seem to want JBossAS people to post here and there is little information on the new AS in these forums yet.