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    Linux and JBoss

    Pat Fleming Newbie

      Hi All,

      I'm new here and have a question

      I have just installed Mandriva 10.2 (LE) 2005, a flavour of Linux, on my Dell Dimension XPS D233 desktop. Its an old machine and I am about to buy an NIC for it and a router for home. It has 288MB of memory and a 4G disc.

      I would like to host a website on the box that I can host EJBs on. Just as an excercise and to learn some Java. While perusing the site I found that JBoss is integrated with Eclipse, the Java IDE, which was a pleasent surprise as I had already downloaded it to install.

      I had a look at the downloads page and am a bit stuck with respect to what I need to accomplish the above.

      Linux has Apache installed but it can't host EJB's, so I'm told.

      Thanks in advance

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          For EJBs to u need a container. And JBoss does provide that along with other components. Apache is normally bundled with most of linux distributions, but J2EE compliant app server still hasn't come out by default in various linux distributions , Even though Red Hat is pushing hard for Jonas, other opem source J2EE compliant app sever with their distribution.

          I preusme it won't be far when Novell which owns SUSE now will start shipping JBoss with its distribution, as these guys have partnership now, and after IBM's buy out of GlueCode you dont know what JBoss folks will do now.

          Anyway i hope this helps yr query.