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    Tomcat or JBoss which is better and why

    Girish Bapat Newbie

      Hi All,
      I am new to group also new to use JBoss.
      I have worked little on Tomcat
      I wisht to use Jboss 3.2.3 as App server.

      I read a bit regarding JBoss all its pros and cons, i also know that JBoss internally uses tomcat only. Still I want to know which is better Tomcat or JBoss.
      Because I heard that JBoss consumes a lot of resources as well as when page loads (jsp etc) it takes too much of time.
      So please help me regarding the same.
      Also if possible give me the comparison bet these two.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Girish Bapat.

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          You will have to provide more information about yr needs before someone recommends you what exactly you need.
          Becsuse Tomcat is just a Web Container wich will just serve your web tier comprising (JSP/Servlets, Struts, JSF) etc.
          Whereas JBoss is s full scale J2EE compliant Application server with other features, unless you intend to use Apache as a application server, then that's a differennt scenario.
          As far as JBoss serves request slowy, i'm not sure about that, once you have precomiled JSP/Servlets then that overhead of compiling also goes away, which only happens for first time request anywway.

          Please do provide more info and I will say use JBoss-4.0 rather than 3.x series now.

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            Frank Ong Newbie

            Hi All,

            I am also new to group also new to use JBoss too.

            From the following was my little question. Hope any expert can kindly help to to answer. Thanks.

            1 ) May I know what is JBoss App. Server responding or process time (i means performance respond) , was that fast or normal or a little bit slow...? Because currently I'm looking for any app. server can support the realtime responding ... for example, I used the web to display our company production machine process (value or pass fail.) from the IE or Netscape by realtime (looks like share market).

            2 ) Currently I have saw only Eclipse IDE can support JBoss. So may I know do IntelliJ IDEA 4.x can support ?

            3 ) If I manage to learn JBoss, was that easy to learn ?? any good resauces from any website ??

            4 ) May I know what is Hibernate ?? (I have read from the jboss.com. But I still not very clear) But as I know, that was some like turning the performance due to the databases between app. server. So do I need it ?? because from the Question 1. also need to make connection with database for data pooling.

            Thanks. Good Day.

            Frank Ong