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    contribution or fork


      Assuming that I make some modifications to JBoss for my product, present the modified sources to JBossForum, and then these modifications are rejected to integrate to JBoss code base... but I want to keep developing JBoss based on these modifications.
      In such case, according to LGPL, I must distribute these sources and this version of JBoss will be a fork of 'an canonical' JBoss.

      this situation doesn't violate LGPL.


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          As always, you should speak to lawyer about legal issues.
          IANAL, etc.


          I would however strongly discourage you from a fork.

          If a patch is rejected, it probably means you did it wrong,
          designed it wrong or didn't explain it properly/fully.

          It is actually a "well kept secret" in open source that the best
          way to get a feature into an open source project is to post a patch
          that tries to do something useful (even if it doesn't quite work properly).
          If it really is a good feature there is a good chance the developer
          with "throw away" your patch and code it properly :-)

          The correct place to post patches is here:
          not in the forums.