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    What can do JBoss?

    Alexander Kolesnikov Newbie

      Sorry for the stupid question, but the reason for it is the following.

      I am building a rather simple web application using Tomcat as both servlet container and web server. I decided that I won't need Apache because there will be very few static html pages, if any.

      However, if the application will be successful, in close future it will grow significantly and I might need to use EJBs. By now, I only know that I will need something more than just Tomcat for this and JBoss is the good choice.

      However, what I don't understand is: if I just remove my current standalone Tomcat and install JBoss instead, will JBoss perform all the three roles, i.e. web server, servlet container and EJB container?

      And if yes, is ik OKay to use it in the beginning just for the first two roles, before I will come to EJBs?