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    Dynamic directory

    Gregoire Gueret Newbie

      Hi all,

      I just want to know if it possible to create an application that, when requested by a customer:
      1. creates a directory
      2. secures the directory access with login/pass (login/pass are generated by the application and not the same for each customer, I have a way to send them to the customer)

      The customer could store files in the directory, but login/pass is required.
      A same customer could have many directories (each directory has its own login/pass).

      I think that step 1 is not complicated. But I do not know if I can secure dynamically the directory (step 2).

      Have you ideas or opinion ?

      Thanks in advance


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          Gregoire Gueret Newbie


          May be I need to precise, my problem. Is there a way, with JBoss, to control access to directory (not to an application).
          I tried using login-config.xml and *.properties, like describes in the startguide, and it does not work. But I think it is to control the access to the application not to the directory.