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    Thomas Hedin Newbie

      Hi !

      My problem is like this....

      I have a basic application that is is the backbone of the system and controll the basicfunctions. This base application should be able to load module (might be other war applications). thees modules will contain jsp pages and class files for there use-cases and also a module.jar for the client.

      This might be abit tricky you see I whant to add the modules while the baseapplication is running and without shutting down or restart jboss or redeploy the application. the thing is that the module will have the same libraries and go under the same securety domain.

      So now is the question is there a way to deploy a .war or .ear that can be linked to another already running application or can I just add the module (jsp-pages, class files, and jar) to a already running application in some way.