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    JBoss 4.01 and Slide User Administration

    Robert Below Newbie

      Hello everybody I'm new to JBoss and I hav a Problem of using it
      with Jakarta Slide.

      My problem is when I use the Slide Bundle which includes Tomcat it's no
      problem to make some user and role options. Also I have the folders users and roles in my slide main-directory. But if I deploy Slide to JBoss these folders are missing as well as the possibility of user administration (no pop-up window during connection to slide).

      Can somebody help me and tell me how can fix this? Do I have to install a newer version or additional packages.
      I hope my description are specific enough to understand my problem, if not ask me.


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          Robert Below Newbie


          i'm sorry to post agian but the problem is very urgent.
          I try to solved the problem by using a security main like it's described
          in poin 2.3 of the starting guide, but everytime i response the right name and password i get a http 403 error saying access denied.
          I wonder why because I use the JBossAdmin role or the root role and they
          should be allowed to get access tomy slide directory.
          I hope somebody here can help me.

          Greetings Robert