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    Using Java client to call EJB in JBOSS

    Kun Men Newbie

      If we call a remote EJB (MyBean.jar in another machine) from an standalone java client (non-web), do we need to install something in the client machine? Just like in J2EE SDK1.3, we need to use the 'runclient' command to run the application client. So what is the part in JBOSS equivalent to a 'runclient' of J2EE SDK?

      Here I assume that we don't use 'ant' to run the client, but just write a bat file. I tried to do like this: run -jar MyClient.jar, but it failed: "Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute" . I know the classpath is missed, but don't know how to exactly to do it, could anybody give me an example? thanks!