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    Howot Add external Libaries

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      I tried to add some externals libs to use JBoss as a Snmp Server.
      But I still get the error Message, when I try to deploy the app. Do I have to package the external jar somehow?

      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/adventnet/snmp/beans/SnmpTarget

      The Code looks like this:
      public String GetSnmpSysName(String TargetURL) {
       String result = "" ;
       try {
       SnmpTarget target = new SnmpTarget();
       result = target.snmpGet();
       catch(Exception e)
       return result;

      The Code works without beeing in a EJB
      Thanks for any help


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          Hi People,
          my Problem is solved, I had to add the jars into the /server/default/lib directory to to find them.

          Cheers Mathias

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            Armando Ota Newbie

            OK here is my problem !!! with your idea ..

            I have some libs .. that are allready in the JBoss .. but I dont want Jboss to use the new one .. since I'm not sure what was really changed and might effect Jboss work .. How do I do that .. I cant put my new libs in the LIB folder since they exist .. I tried to put it in the same dir as my App but not working . any ideas would be appreciated !!