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    JBoss & J2EE: Starting.....

    Giscard Faria Newbie

      Hi guys, I am just starting with JBoss and have some questions......

      I have studing J2EE using the J2EE tutorial and would like use JBoss to deploy and run my applications....but I am getting some little problems, they are:

      1) What is the correct structure of a J2EE application on JBoss, I am try to use the follow:

      META-INF/ (application.xml)
      META-INF/ (ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml)
      META-INF/(jboss-web.xml and web.xml)
      META-INF/(application-client.xml, jboss-client.xml, jndi.properties)

      2) What means the files:
      jboss.xml and jboss-client.xml (What they do?!!?)

      3) I try do run my simple applciation and I always get NameNotFoundException, EJB not bound. I think I know why this error occurs, I think is because my EJB isn't availble on the JNDI name resource, am I right?!?! If yes, where I put the information to my EJB becomes available into a JNDI resource name. I cannot find any place to put it into the ejb-jar.xml file.

      Sorry to make so much questions!!!! But I really need a kick off to to go ahead alone.

      ps: Where I can found a good and easy explanation about what means and what to put into each deployment descriptor file!?!?

      Thanks all


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          Juha Lindfors Master

          Have you read through the "JBoss Getting Started" guide yet?

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            Giscard Faria Newbie

            Hello guys...

            Well, I already read the start guide tutorial and some topics abou the J2EE tutorial, but.......

            Sorry if I have a so stupid question, but I am really cannot solve my problem. I am try just to deploy a simple Converter application (with comes into the j2ee tutorial) and it don't works.

            I sure, i understand few things, but really need learn some add concepts.

            I try to read the schemas and dtd available on the jboss docs directoyr but they are so large, and I don't have all knowledgment to unsrstand it at all.

            My fault is simple, I am getting an NameNotFoundException for my simple session bean and I don't know why. I try deploy it on the ejb/SimpleConverter JNDI and it now happens.....

            Because of this I wanna try to know where I put into each deployment descritpor... I don't wanna depht details, only a brief overview....

            Thanks all.

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              Darran Lofthouse Master


              "giscard_aioba" wrote:

              Well, I already read the start guide tutorial and some topics abou the J2EE tutorial, but.......

              As well as reading it did you actually work through the tutorial? This would have produced deployable archives that you could now look at to see how it works.

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                Giscard Faria Newbie


                Unfortenely I already try to see the examples, get the deployment descriptor and a lot of things else, but.........

                Let me define more precisaly my question!!! I sure about the file structure and a few things more. But I continue get the same exception.

                I really need only one thing, a tutorial or an easy explenation (could be an article or anything in the internet) about how to relationship all the xml files from a EAR application. Because is so much and I am a little bit confuse.....:-(

                I am trying to search something in the google but I don't find good explanations...So, please, if anyone knows anything that can help me, I would like to post the site address or if isn't ask so much, give a brief explanation about the elements into the deployment descriptor files!!!!

                ps: there are so much <ejb-ref>, plus <jndi-name>, and <ejb-link>, etc.... I don't understand how to relate one element from one descriptor with another one in another descriptor file!!!!! I don't have any tools to generate it, and a I really wanna to learn using a raw way first!!!!!

                thanks all


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                  Raja Master

                  There is a good example application on using jboss and eclipse at

                  This might be helpful even if you are not using the lomboz plugin.