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    JBoss App. Server responding or process time

    Frank Ong Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am new to group also new to use JBoss.

      From the following was my little question. Hope any expert can kindly help to to answer. Thanks.

      1 ) May I know what is JBoss App. Server responding or process time (i means performance respond) , was that fast or normal or a little bit slow...? Because currently I'm looking for any app. server can support the realtime responding ... for example, I used the web to display our company production machine process (value or pass fail.) from the IE or Netscape by realtime (looks like share market).

      2 ) Currently I have saw only Eclipse IDE can support JBoss. So may I know do IntelliJ IDEA 4.x can support ?

      3 ) If I manage to learn JBoss, was that easy to learn ?? any good resauces from any website ??

      4 ) May I know what is Hibernate ?? (I have read from the jboss.com. But I still not very clear) But as I know, that was some like turning the performance due to the databases between app. server. So do I need it ?? because from the Question 1. also need to make connection with database for data pooling.

      Thanks. Good Day.

      Frank Ong