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    Problem with ui:include, ui:insert and charset

    Daniel Kane Novice


      I am implementing a module-based design with ui:composition, ui:include and ui:insert.
      It works fine in English language. In order to use custom charset, I need to specify it in headers of xhtml files , both template and included blocks :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251"?>

      Without that, parser complains that xml contains non-UTF character.
      But with this header, ui:insert puts it into the middle of the template (inclusion point), and browser complains that header has incorrect location.
      JFS tags from included blocks are rendered perfectly to HTML. I thought it should be an obvious step to throw out the header in rendering phase. But that does not happen.
      Please suggest the right way to use custom encoding in both template and included files.
      Thank you.