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    Advice - JBoss 4 on Solaris 8

    Peter Bailey Newbie

      I'm a total noob in this world, so please forgive my potential stupidity. I have a client running solaris 8 on Sun hardware. They have iPlanet v6 at the moment for their app servers. We are going to be writing some jsps to run on Tomcat/apache on a Solaris 8 web server, and I am contemplating trying to get them to upgrade to JBoss 4 on the app servers, which will handle some EJBs and also host an Oracle DB.

      So, are there any gotchas with this scenario I need to know about, e.g. does JBoss 4 run well on Solaris 8. The chances of the customer upgrading their OS looks pretty remote, but I would at least like to get more modern with the app server and J2EE versions.

      Thanks for any comments, like I said, a new world here for me.