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    application does not see configuration file

    Nithin Shanbhag Newbie

      I have got an application say myclass.jar which gets data from the config file say mn.op.abc.properties. When I run it from the command line with the following command it works fine
      java -classpath myclass.jar -Dngp.mn.op.abc.filename=mn.op.abc.properties com.mn.op.MainApp

      Also when I set the VM arguments inside eclipse IDE it runs without any problems.

      But when I plug my myclass.jar into an application and deploy it on JBoss for some reason it cannot see the mn.op.abc.properties file.

      My question is where should this file be in order to get the classes in myclass.jar to see it. I have copied it to the deploy folder and still it cannot see the file.

      Thanks for your suggestions