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    Help please, i can't understand this problem

    Guil Etto Newbie

      Hello, i use jboss 3.2.1

      I have a postgres 7.2 SQL Database.

      I have a CMP BEAN that we can called A which provides a findAll @ejb.finder method

      In my session bean, i get a collection using AHome or AHomeLocal (AHome.findAll) or AHomeLocal.findAll ( i test with local or remote home)
      Collection test = AHome.findAll();

      The time for doing this is just 45ms, pretty correct for 800 records.
      Now, i want just a view of this local or remote object in order to just see information.

      Iterator it = test.iterator();
      while (it.hasNext()) {
      ALocal a = (ALocal) it.next
      doing some A.getANYDATA or A.getANYACCESSOR FIELD
      example String s = a.getId();

      Each getter method cost 15ms !!!!!!!!!!!
      getId, getName or the data representation getData costs
      1 sec for 800 records..................
      please help....

      i will have a table with 10 000 record :(