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    sherwin delos santos Newbie

      OS: WXP SP2
      JBoss: 4.0.2 (with Tomcat)
      Springframework 1.2.1
      Hibernate 3.0
      JVM: Sun Jdk 1.5.0 / BEA JRockit 1.5.0_03
      IDE: JBossIDE 1.5M1

      When undeploying .war file (through IDE) and monitoring memory through task manager, it seems that java.exe is not releasing memory previously used by the .war. I assume that once .war files are undeployed, memory space occupied will be freed. But it seems, again that some remnants exists. Doing deploying/undeploy several times will eventually end into PermGen OutOfMemory error, and system will come to a crawl.

      How to configure Jboss and/or the JVM for that matter to ensure that the previously occupied memory space by the .war file is freed.