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    StrutsMenu & JBoss & Acegi. error with permissions based men

    Marco Novice

      Hello all,

      has anyone used Strutsmenu with Acegi for a permission-based menu in a webapplication deployed on JBoss?

      My situation is this: i have a webapplication which uses acegi
      security framework and struts menu, and i decided to use permissions
      for my menu.
      I followed what was suggested me on the acegi mailing list, to use
      ContextHolderAware filter and to use acegi implementation classes for
      I then moved to modify my menu-config.xml and the jsp which display my menu.
      Situation is as follows:
      i have 2 users in the database
      User2 has ROLE_USER

      My Menu has 4 submenu:
      submenu1,2 and 3 is available to ROLE_USER
      submenu4 is available only to ROLE_SUPERVISOR

      If i log in to my app using User1, i can see all 4 menus.
      If i log in to my app using User2, i see no menu at all

      i tried with different options, by making all menu available to ROLE_USER and
      some of the menu available to ROLE_SUPERVISOR only, but it looks like
      as long as there is a ROLE_SUPERVISOR somewhere (either in an item or
      in a submenu, a user with ROLE_USER cannot see any menu at all,
      looking like ROLE_SUPERVISOR overrides everything..

      I have tried to remove permissions from my menu, to check if Acegi
      filters etc were working correctly... acegi was fine, in fact when i
      log in as User1 or User2, by calling isUserInRole for each of roles
      associated to the user return true.

      So, to me it looks like there's a problem either with the Menu or with
      the RolesAdapter used by STruts Menu...

      can anyone help me? how can i test if the rolesAdapter is workng fine
      programmatically? can i write some java code within my application
      that tests which of the menu/submenu/items should be displayed?

      thanks in advance and regards