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    TimerService problems after crash

    Ronny Schirmer Newbie


      as far as I know JBoss (using 4.0.3RC1 on Windows XP at the moment) restores the ejb timers after a crash. But there are 2 problems occuring after such a crash situation:

      1. the timers are still available after a crash and restart of JBoss but the formerly assigned timerInfo object (getInfo()) is null for these restored timers when they fire the ejbTimeout method.

      2. the method getTimers() of TimerService returns an empty collection although the timers have "survived" the crash.

      I used timers for a stateless session bean and created them with different timerInfos. The timerinfo was a Serializable Object containing 2 Strings.

      Has anybody else seen this behavior?

      Thanx in advance