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    Creating own MBean service question

    Parag More Newbie

      I got JBoss this week and I am trying to deploy my stand-alone, multi-threded pure java application as a JMX service in jBoss. I got the minimal server setup, wrote standard Mbean wrapper to my main class using ServiceMBean and when I start the JBoss server, my application runs fine.

      But how do I monitor it thru' JMX console. if i add TOMCAT and jax-cosole.war to deploy directory those are never picked up. My application threads start fine at the jBoss startup but tomcat and JMX cosole war is not deployed atall. I have successfully deployed tomcat and jmx-console.war in minimal setup without my own service. Issues start when I try to do all 3 together.

      Is there any way to get these things sequentially loaded and my application's startService() method executed the last. Tried using depends. No luck.

      Can someone please give me some inputs on this. Considering my current knowledge in JBoss anything will be helpful.