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    use "normal" class (POJP) that inherits from an external cla

    Dani Belz Newbie


      Imagine the following structure:


      SessionBean creates an instance of Pojo (a normal java class) which extends Abstract, also a normal java class. My ant task compiles everything under net.danb.example.src, creates a jar, an ear etc. and deploys it to the server. No compile or deploy error whatsoever here. But if I run a JUnit test on the SessionBean, the instantiation of Pojo fails with an NoClassDefFoundException.

      I guess that I somehow have to include the package de.dtnet.example in my build and also deploy it to the server? But how is this to be done?

      Can anyone help me with this please? Do you have some information, link, tutorial, book, ... ?

      Thank you!