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    Directory Path Mapping in JBoss

    sachin jain Newbie

      I am porting an exisiting web application to J2EE.

      I have a HTML file which has a JS/Images/CSS file includes (/dir/css/)something like below :

      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
      <LINK REL="stylesheet" HREF="/dir/css/style.css" TYPE="text/css">

      <TD ALIGN=left VALIGN=top><IMG SRC="/dir/images/ctopleft.gif">

      <TD ALIGN=right VALIGN=top>
      <IMG SRC="/dir/images/cnrhelp.gif"


      In existing system which runs on WindWeb Web server, I have mapping of "/dir" to some physical directory on web server. Now the same I have to achieve on JBoss.
      It would be better for me if I don't change .html file to .JSP file And I need "/dir" to be mapped to "request.getContextPath()" So that I do not end up in changing all the files.

      Is there any way to do this?