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    J2EE Telephony

    Shantanu Shekhar Newbie


      I am interested in finding out if anyone has integrated a J2EE application, possibly from JBoss, with some sort of telephony system. So say there is a database table of 'users' of a system with each row of the table containing first name of the user and their telephone number. Now every now and then if the system can call up a user on the phone, greet the user with the correct human sounding pronounciation of their name, and maybe play a pre-recorded message to the user (special offers etc). Finally, the user's response should be noted (presses 1 for yes, 2 for no etc). This information needs to be sent back to the database, indicating whether the user showed interest in the offer or not.

      --> What kind of hardware would be needed to integrate a J2EE server with a phone system?
      --> How is it done and are there any affordable systems out there? Something in the range of less than $1000 per server?