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    Problem dynamically disabling tooltip: JS Error

    Zac Wolfe Newbie

      I'm trying to enable/disable a tooltip dynamically (via AJAX) based on the state of a boolean property on my backing bean.

      <rich:toolTip id="myTooltip" disabled="#{!backingBean.dirty}" value="test" />

      However, whenever I tell the tooltip to reRender, I get a javascript error here (in red):

       stopObserving: function(element, name, observer, useCapture) {
       element = $(element);
       useCapture = useCapture || false;
       if (name == 'keypress' &&
       (Prototype.Browser.WebKit || element.attachEvent))
       name = 'keydown';
       if (element.removeEventListener) {
       element.removeEventListener(name, observer, useCapture);
       } else if (element.detachEvent) {
       try {
       element.detachEvent('on' + name, observer);
       } catch (e) {}

      The JS error msg is: "Error: 'removeEventListener' is null or not an object"