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    JUnit testing ?

    Aaron Novice

      How does everyone go about testing inside the JBoss container? I've seen that JBoss has an org.jboss.test.JBossTestCase class, but how do I use it?

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          Elias Ross Master

          It depends on what you're testing. If you look at subclasses that use it, basically it deploys stuff on a remote server for you to test as a client, e.g. EJB or something.

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            Aaron Novice

            Well, I won't be testing any EJB's, but I will be testing JNDI Datasources, JBoss Authentication, servlet filters, and hibernate archives, all of which have to be accessed from inside the container.

            Is this correct?

            I apologize for the newbie questions. I have just started getting into the "Unit Testing" for TDD, and trying to get a feel for how others test. I'm learning JUnit, but that will only help me for POJO classes, and not my web apps inside JBoss.