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    Many-To-Many Relation with DATE to Insert

    Giscard Faria Newbie

      Hi guys, I am developing a simple application and got a doubt....

      I have two Entity beans (I am using CMP):
      + Employee (id[PK], name, ...)
      + Job (id[PK], name, ...)

      The relation between this two beans are M:N so when I created a relational databse I gotted the three follow tables:
      - Employee (id[PK], name, ...)
      - Job (id[PK], name, ...)
      - WorkDone(employee_id, job_id, date)

      When I create a relation between employee and Job the WorkDone table receive the both ids, but I also need to insert the current DATE into the table!?!? I need to use JDBC or are there some thing specific to do it?!?!