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    Woodenhead about Connection Strings

    Donald M Loring Newbie

      I've really got to be dense; connection strings are my downfall.

      I thought I could access the Hypersonic DB that comes with JBoss AppServer.

      I cannot seem to get my Hypersonic DB manager or Squirrel on my home WinXP to talk to the HSQLDB in the JBoss in my remote website running Linux.

      In order just to see if it was running, I had to access jmx-console, which does report that an Hypersonic service is running that is not in-process.

      And I've done the uncommenting and commenting in hsqldb-ds.xml to enable the right MBean and the TCP/IP connection.

      On the website Linux, I have Jboss under /usr/local/jboss and the hosting service already configured it with Tomcat and Apache with mod_jk. The hypersonic data is under /usr/local/jboss/server/default/data/hypersonic and the jars are under /usr/local/jboss/server/default/lib.

      I've tried:

      alone and appending various paths.

      But I still get lost in which name is which, between services and databases etc

      I get "Socket Creation Failure" and my JBoss logs say the Root MBean cause is "NOTYETINSTALLED".

      I don't get it; when jmx-console says it is running.