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    RMI Object Registration in jBoss 3.2.3

    Venkata Rajesh Newbie


      I am using jBoss3.2.3

      I have a problem. Below are the details of that.

      I am developing a scheduler application which actually schedules any executable task. Now I have it running fine as a standalone application. I am using RMI for communication and datastore for storing the task data.

      The flow is like this for the stand alone application. The AWT Client ( which is used to view, start, stop, add, delete and edit the tasks )invokes the RMI Client and the client invokes the RMI Server and the server registers the task in the processqueue.

      Now I want to embed this scheduler in another product of mine which uses jsp, servlets, ejb's. So I am using jBoss..as the application server. For this I prepared the GUI using HTML and also written a Servlet which acts as the RMI Client between JSP and RMI Server. Instead of jBoss if I am using Tomcat Catalina as a the servlet container for the Jsp's and Servlets and am starting a stand alone RMI Server, my scheduler works absolutely fine. But when I deploy my Jsp's and Servlets in jBoss and start the standalone RMI Server the servlet reports remote exception. The reason is its not looking into the Stand alone RMI Server, instead its probably looking somewhere else.
      The solution I thought for this is to use jBoss in Built RMI Registry.

      My question is how can I register my stand alone RMI Server in jBoss RMI Registry?

      Any quick help in form of code samples or links in this regard is deeply appreciated as I am running on a tight Schedule to finish it.

      Thanks and Regards