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    Problem with tooltip and datagrid

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      Hi, sorry by my english

      i have a problem with a tooltip in a datagrid. i fill a datagrid in page load and have some datatables with tooltip and drag and drop beetwen them.

      in the page load all tooltips works fine, but after a drag and drop operation tooltips of datagrid disappear (on datatables works fine). If i render the page the tooltips appear again.

      i put all ids of component but the problem persist.
      here a past of code

      <h:panelGrid id="leftColumn">
      <rich:panel id="richPanel" style="background-color : transparent;">
      <rich:dropSupport id="general" acceptedTypes="ITEM1,ITEM2" dropValue="ITEM"
      dropListener="#{DataBean.processInverseDrop}" reRender="rigth,left,tableGenerator,dropMessage">

      <rich:dataGrid id="tableGenerator" columns="4" columnClasses="disableBorder" border="0" styleClass="disableBorder" rowClasses="disableBorder" var="item" value="#{DataBean.initItems}" style="background-color:transparent;text-decoration: none; border:0;">
      <a4j:outputPanel style="border : 0;">
      <rich:dragSupport dragIndicator=":indicator" dragType="#{item.initItem.itemType.name}" dragValue="#{item}">
      <rich:dndParam type="drag" name="dragging">
      <h:graphicImage height="70" width="60" value="../../../../graphics/#{item.initItem.item}.gif" style="border:0;"/>
      <f:param name="theDragValue" value="#{item.initItem.item}" ></f:param>
      <f:param name="theDrag" value="onQueue"></f:param>
      <h:graphicImage id="generalItemImage" value="../../../../graphics/#{item.initItem.item}.gif" style="border: 0;">
      <rich:toolTip id="toolTipInitItem" mode="client" followMouse="true" style="color:#dab86f; background-color:#232D30;border-bottom: 1px #9ACD32 solid;border-top: 1px #9ACD32 solid;border-left: 1px #9ACD32 solid;border-right: 1px #9ACD32 solid;">
      <h:outputText id="titleTableGeneral" value="#{bundle[item.initItem.item]}" />
      <h:dataTable id="TableGeneralRichTable" value="#{item.modifiers}" var="tg">
      <h:column id="tgabitity">
      <h:outputText id="tgtext" value="#{bundle[tg.modifier]}" />
      <h:column id="tgvalue">
      <h:outputText id="tgsvalue" value="+#{tg.value}" />


      When i rerender the datagrid, all item of drag and drop works fine, but tooltips disappear
      Thanks for any idea.