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    using xdoclet for jsp and client-application

    alexandre kyoro Newbie

      Hi all,
      In the tutorial, we xdoclet-comment the servlet. I am trying to do the same thing with a jsp page. (that is add xdoclet tag to have config file done by xdoclet). Note that I know how to work around it creating a "fake" class and commenting that class, but I would find it cleaner to have the comment in the jsp page. How should I do that or where should I put the xdoclet-comment on the page?

      I am also trying to use xdoclet to create the application-client.xml, jboss-client.xml and jndi.properties of an application client(doing chapter 24 of the J2EE tutorial) is there any way to do it.
      thanks in advance for your help.

      PS: thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to the jboss-ide tutorial, it is clean and clear and fast, a real pleasure. I only had 2 small problem, one with the ejb-link and the other one with ejb-client (using jboss4) but both are well documented on the forum.