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    Creating a WS with Eclipse - JBossIDE in J2EE

    Steve Hanson Newbie

      First of all, my JBoss installation works great, and my default Tomcat installation works as well, since I have no problems runnings servlets and JSPs in a J2EE deployment.

      So, I would like to create a web service in J2EE using my JBoss IDE. I would like to use the default Tomcat server as the container for my web service.

      So this is what I did:
      Create a new J2EE project.
      Create a java class with functionality for the web service. (Controller.java)
      Create a new web service. (New->Other->Web Services->Web Service)
      Then I create a bottom-up ws with proxy and click Next.
      Then I select the java class implementing the web service.(Controller.java)
      Then I get an error message that says:

      "No suitable server can be found for the Apache Axis Web service runtime. Go to Window > Preferences. Select Server > Installed Runtimes and configure one of the following: Tomcat v4.0 Server, Tomcat v4.1 Server, Tomcat v5.0 Server, Tomcat v5.5 Server, Geronimo v1.0 Server"

      So then I try to configure the default Tomcat 5.5 which comes standard with my JBoss 4.0.2. (Windows->Preferences->Server->Installed Runtimes->Add->Apache->Tomcat 5.5->Next)

      Now I run into more trouble. Because my Tomcat server is deployed and not installed, I can't direct JBoss to the installation directory. I've tried just about every directory that I can think of, but no luck.

      What should I do next? Thanks so much for any and all help.