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    rich:Calendar custom converter doesn't work

    Rob Conaway Newbie

      I'm trying to register a custom converter for a rich:calendar component. It does not seem to recognize the converter. I have tried specifying both a property that returns a converter and the id of a converter that has been registered in faces-config.

      To figure out what's wrong, I have created a trivially simple converter that just throws an exception. I have been able to successfully use this converter with an h:inputText tag, so I'm pretty confident that the converter is written correctly and registered correctly.

      Can someone either confirm that 1) there is a bug in rich:calendar or 2) help me with an example that works?

      As always, I appreciate any help.


      Here is the rich:calendar code:

       converter='ifx.myconverter' />

      Here is similar h:inputText code which recognizes the converter:
       converter='ifx.myconverter' />

      Here is the registration of the converter in faces-config:

      Here is the implementation of MyConverter:
      package ifx.web;
      import javax.faces.application.FacesMessage;
      import javax.faces.component.UIComponent;
      import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;
      import javax.faces.convert.Converter;
      import javax.faces.convert.ConverterException;
      public class MyConverter implements Converter {
       public Object getAsObject(FacesContext arg0, UIComponent arg1, String arg2) {
       FacesMessage message = new FacesMessage("'" + arg2 + "' cannot be converted");
       throw new ConverterException(message);
       public String getAsString(FacesContext arg0, UIComponent arg1, Object arg2) {
       return "01/01/2007";