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    JBoss & callbacks

    zx80 Newbie


      I've question - how do you implement callbacks (event listeners) using JBoss & EJB? I mean case, where server is event source, and client is an listener.

      I think there is a great place for AOP & JBossRemoting,
      I wanted to implement such aspect, but before, I want to ask if there is any existing solution

      Question is - is it possible with tools we have, or I need to create new one?

      test code would be:

      IMyCallback my_c = new IMyCallback() {
       onEvent(Object evt) {
       System.out.println("Event!" + evt);
      IRemoteApp app = ...

      class AppImpl {
       foo(IMyCallback c) {
       c.onEvent("Server says hello");

      Client's response:
      Event! Server says hello

      thanks, Dominik